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Now Available:
Online Giving

Set up one-time or recurring gifts through Tithely.

  1. Go to the Tithely website

  2. Choose to either give online on your desktop or via their app on your device

  3. Follow the prompts to create an account

  4. Under "find a church," put in Burlington Church of Christ

  5. Fill in the details about your gift

    • Amount​

    • Under "to" select "Weekly Contribution" (this is just the category name, not the frequency)

    • Choose whether or not you would like the gift to be recurring, and if so, how often

  6. Choose how you would like to contribute

    • If possible, please choose to link your bank account (only 0.5% fees) instead of using a credit card (3% fees). 

  7. Check "cover fees" box

    • Please consider covering the fees, especially if you chose to use a credit card (3% in fees), in order to avoid that loss to the church. This will ensure that the church receives the full amount of your donation. If you linked your bank account, this will only cost about 50 cents per every $100.

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