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"Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others."
Romans 12:4-5

We have a variety of ministries intended to meet a variety of needs. While we have specific life-stage ministries (campus, marrieds, etc--learn more about those below), we also see in the scriptures that the New Testament church was one big family. Young men and women had the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of their older brothers and sisters in Christ, and the more mature weren't removed from the zeal and energy of the younger generations. As a result, one of the central components to how we take care of our members is through what we call "Family Groups," which are made up of people of all ages and life stages.   

Family Groups

All ages. All stages. Connecting with God and one another.

Our "Family Groups" are bible study groups that meet twice a month in homes around the greater Burlington area. Each group is made up of a cross section of the church--kids, teens, campus, young professionals, mature singles, marrieds, etc. On a given Wednesday you may find a family group studying out a passage, enjoying a meal, or serving the community together. 

Life-Stage Ministries

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Serving UVM, Champlain College, St. Michael's, Middlebury, and Community College of Vermont, our campus ministry does weekly discussion groups on campus, has fun events every Friday night, and goes on a retreat with the rest of our campus ministries in New England every semester.



From ages 24 to 55+, from baristas to teachers and doctors, our single professionals are a diverse and dedicated group. Most are involved in small groups and have accountability partners, and the Young Professionals often do combined events with the campus ministry.



Our married's ministry ranges from young married's to veterans who have been married 20+ years! We have marriage workshops throughout the year and an annual Marriage Retreat with our sister churches throughout New England. The Marrieds also meet in small groups to help one another with their marriages.



Our goal is to support kids "from cradle to campus." We have classes every Sunday for infants through high schoolers and have events twice a month for the pre-teens and teens. The older kids also have the opportunity to attend our churches' All New England Pre-Teen and Teen Camps every summer.

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We do service projects throughout the year in the greater Burlington community. Contact us if you are interested in learning about volunteer opportunities.


We also do international volunteer work through the non-profit arm of our churches, HOPE Worldwide. See their site to learn more about missions trips and disaster relief opportunities.

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Every year we take up a Special Missions Offering to support our sister churches around the world. As an official One Year Challenge Site, we also train volunteers who want to expand their impact on how to make a difference in a mission church and help them find places to serve locally and abroad.

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