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Whole Life Health Empowerment

About 2,000 years ago, when Jesus appeared on the scene of history, he shocked the world by his contrarian message of love and his genuine care and compassion for the health and well-being of all people everywhere. Often, as we review human history, we see that revolutionaries use violence to serve their own arrogance, purposes and agendas. Not Jesus. He was genuinely and humbly concerned about all people's whole life health - our heart, spirit, mind and body. So, he went around "doing good" (Acts 10) among us - serving, caring, helping, teaching, healing, listening, encouraging, inspiring, comforting, challenging the status quo, nourishing and feeding. And he practiced what he preached - real-life faith, hope and love for God, one another, our neighbor and even our enemies. He invested his life in the service of others so that we could all thrive and live our amazing lives, healthy and empowered. His love and respect for the dignity and integrity of all people, and the healthy wholeness of all people, revolutionized the world.

So, in the Burlington Church of Christ, inspired by Jesus, during this very difficult time of global pandemic crisis - and the associated mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health challenges – we thought we could all use a bit of encouragement, connection and expert guidance to help us to navigate these difficult waters. We also wanted to dedicate some time to thank the healthcare heroes among us for their awesome sacrifice and loving service during these trying times.

As a result, on the weekend of April 23-25, 2021 we had the incredible opportunity to host and be health-empowered by an expert line-up of speakers and presenters, all of whom donated (free of charge) their time and expertise. All of the speakers have years of local and global "in the trenches" healthcare service and medical experience, inspired by the life of Jesus.

Here's what some of the attendees had to say:

"Having a spouse who works as a health care professional, I found the Health Empowerment Weekend to be a much needed time of encouragement for all the health care professionals who attended. The topics discussed were relevant and the fact that so many health care professionals could share their personal perspectives and insights was impactful. I especially appreciate the time you took on Sunday to thank all the health care workers in attendance. It was the perfect way to end a meaningful weekend. I hope you will have another one!" - Steve N.

"The health empowerment weekend that the BCOC put on was great! So encouraging to hear from medical health professionals from around the country, and to be reminded of why we serve others (Matthew 20:26-28). I also appreciated being able to honor medical health professionals after such a trying year of sacrifice." - Macenzie N.

"I really enjoyed Sunday's message of servanthood. I recognized that much of what I have been feeling recently could be attributed to the fact that I feel most fulfilled and purposeful when I am helping others. I just haven't been looking for or seeing available opportunities this past year. Being separated physically from our fellowship by the pandemic safety measures has certainly had some challenging effects. In a world where success is often dictated by career, money, status or "stuff", I welcome the ability to find fulfillment in a way that serves others and can make a lasting difference, no matter how small in the world's eyes." - Rob M.

All of the Zoom sessions of the Health Empowerment Weekend, hosted by the Burlington Church of Christ, are posted on YouTube to be viewed and benefitted from anytime. Please enjoy! Following is the weekend schedule, speaker and presenter bios, with links to the YouTube videos:

The Burlington Church of Christ Presents…


April 23-25, 2021

Please join us for our first online Health Empowerment Weekend, April 23-25. This exciting (and free) event will feature medical experts and servant leaders from around the country, promising to be an engaging, uplifting and interactive experience. We hope that all who attend will leave feeling genuinely encouraged, educated and empowered to thrive in health and well-being, better equipped to move forward with confidence during these very turbulent and uncertain times. You can find the schedule and registration links for the weekend below. See you there!

Featured Speakers and Presenters:

Dr. Margret Tandoh, MD, Trauma Surgeon, Associate Dean, Professor UVMMS

Dr. Tandoh specializes in Trauma/Surgical Critical Care/Burns. She is also the Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont and an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery. She was recently invested as Inaugural Gamelli Green and Gold Professor of Surgery at UVMMC

Dr. Kevin Broyles MD, Urgent Care Medicine, MHSCL, FAAFP

Dr. Broyles is a Family Medicine physician who specializes in Urgent Care medicine, health promotion and disease prevention. He has served as the Global Medical Director of HOPE worldwide while living and working from 2010-20 alongside Noelle in La Paz, Bolivia developing the Centro Medico Internationale.

Noelle Broyles, RN, BSN

Noelle is a pediatric nurse of Oncology and co-director of non-profit social programs, having lived and worked from 2010-20 alongside Kevin in La Paz, Bolivia developing the Centro Medico Internationale.

Dr. Carol "Mackie" Gill MD, Internal Medicine

Dr. Gill specializes in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Spinal Cord Medicine, Multiple Sclerosis care, Medical Acupuncture and ALS care. Chair of the Spinal Cord Injury & Disorders Department, Director of the VA Multiple Center of Excellence NJ. Dr. Gill is very active in the community serving as a volunteer locally, nationally and internationally.

Ted Gill

Ted is an IT Consultant and Senior Scrum Master/Coach at Prudential Financial, specializing in human capital management, financial, and health services industry. He is very active, alongside his wife, Mackie, serving as a volunteer locally, nationally and internationally.

Dr. Mark Ottenweller, MD, FACP

Dr. Ottenweller pioneered HIV/AIDS medical outreach and service programs across the African continent as a Director for Africa of Hope worldwide. He has worked in 8 African countries developing programs to assist more than 172,000 orphans in 40 communities while organizing support and disease prevention programs, developing and sustaining clinic-based initiatives.

Lin Ottenweller, RN

Lin works as a pediatric nurse at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and has served extensively in Haiti, St. Thomas and Africa. She and her husband Mark, work together in Atlanta Georgia to train and support global outreach and leadership development.

Dr. Chris and Michelle Charon

Dr. Charon is an Otolaryngologist and works in private practice with the Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Worcester, MA. Chris served as Department Head of Otolaryngology at the US Naval Hospital in Okinawa Japan. Michelle currently works as a Wellness Instructor with Crosspoint Clinical Services. They live, work and play, while raising their four daughters, in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

Dr. Marcus Williams, MD, FACC, Cardiologist

Dr. Williams is a physician specializing in Cardiology and Echocardiography in private practice. He served as the President of the American Heart Association from 2006-08 and President of the Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC) from 2010-12. He and his wife Sonia, RN have served extensively in medical missions outreach.

Sonia Williams, MSN, RN

Sonia is a pediatric nurse practitioner, private practice office manager with Horizon Cardiology and a realtor with Coldwell Banker. She and her husband Marcus, have served extensively in medical missions outreach.


FRIDAY April 23rd

6PM-7:30PM – Roundtable Discussion –

"Surviving and Thriving in Medical School"


Dr. Margaret A. Tandoh, MD, Trauma Surgeon-UVM Medical Center, Professor

Dr. W. Kevin Broyles, MD, MHS-CL, FAAFP, Urgent Care Medicine

Dr. Carol Gibson-Gill, MD, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Spinal Cord Medicine

Dr. Marcus Williams, MD, FACC, Cardiologist, Horizon Cardiology

SATURDAY April 24th

10:30AM-12PM – Keynote –

Global Health Awareness and How You Can Get Involved" (Presentation with Q&A)


Dr. Kevin Broyles MD, Urgent Care Medicine, MHSCL, FAAFP

Noelle Broyles, RN, BSN

Dr. Mark Ottenweller MD, Internal Medicine and Lin Ottenweller RN

12:30PM-2PM – Keynote –

"The Sacred Journey of Self Care" (Presentation with Q&A)


Dr. Marcus Williams, MD, FACC, Cardiologist, Horizon Cardiology

Sonia Williams, MSN, RN

Dr. Christopher Charon, ENT Otolaryngologist

Michelle Charon, Wellness Instructor with Crosspoint Clinical Services

SUNDAY April 25th

10AM-11:30AM – Church Service –

"Thank You Sunday; Honoring Our Healthcare Heroes" (Sharing & Honoring)

Communion Celebration "The Power of Service" -Speaker: Ted Gill

(No registration required)

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